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Crane Information

Launched Four New Third Generation Telescopic Handlers (18-08-2018)

The Gehl division of Manitou has launched four new third generation telescopic handlers for the North American market, with capacities of 4,990kgs and 5,440kgs, and maximum lift heights of 12.3, 13.5 and 16.8 metres. 

They are the five tonne/13.5 metre DL11-44 Gen:3, the 5.4 tonne/12.3 metre DL12-40 Gen:3, the five tonne/17 metre DL11-55 Gen:3, and the 5.4 tonne/17 metre DL12-55 Gen:3.

All four telehandlers are very similar with the same 120hp Tier IV Cummins diesel and four speed Dana power shift transmission standard hydraulic frame levelling and an overall width of 2.5 metres. The overall length of the machines varies from 5.9 metres to 6.4 metres, while the overall height is 2.3 metres on the 11-44 and 6.35 metres on the others. The higher capacity models have standard front stabilisers and boom tip auxiliary hydraulic lines, both of which are available as options on the two lower capacity models. Gross vehicle weights range from 11,500kg on the DL12-40 to 14,400kg on the DL12-55. 

The new Gehl DL12-40 Gen 3

The new Gehl DL12-40 Gen 3

The lower lift height models have three section booms and offer a higher lift capacity at their full height – 4,536kg for the DL12-40 and 3,629KG on the DL11-44, while the full height capacity on the two 17 metre machines with - four section booms - is limited to 2,495kg. Maximum capacity at full horizontal reach is the same for all four units at 907kg, but forward reach is eight metres on the 12-40, 9.2 metres on the 11-44 and 12.2 metres on the two 17 metre models. 

Gehl DL12-55 Gen 3

The new models feature improve visibility and show a greater Manitou influence than in the past

The new models all feature the same cab configurations and include single joystick control for boom extension and retraction, attachment tilt, auxiliary hydraulics and forward/neutral/reverse, leaving one hand free for the steering wheel. 

Three types of attachment system are available, the narrow Dynattach which has an automatic locking system, and the wider Dynacarrier available with or without hydraulic locking quick attach. 

Product manager Steve Kiskunas said: "Our new Gen:3 models cover a full range of capacities, lift heights and attachments that make them equipped to handle demanding jobsites. the all in one joystick allows the operator to control all the boom functions as well as forward, neutral and reverse with one hand, which greatly improves efficiency and precision." 

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450t Liebherr for Crane Service (17-08-2018)

US rental company Crane Service Company has ordered a 450 tonne Liebherr LTM 1450-8.1 All Terrain crane.

The eight axle crane can travel complete with its 85 metre main boom in place, along with outriggers and winch within 12 tonne axle load limits where permitted. It joins a fleet that includes six other Liebherr cranes.

Liebherr LTM 1450-8.1, Crane Service Company

Liebherr LTM 1450-8.1

Vice president Brian Mazzella said: “The 1450 offers outstanding safety features combined with road ability, expedited erection and disassembly, and extended tip heights combined with a small footprint in a highly competitive market.”

Established in 1926, Crane Service Company is a fourth generation family owned business headquartered in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. The company’s fleet ranges from 23 tonne boom trucks to a 550 tonne Grove All Terrain crane. Since its inception, the company has been serving the Washington Metropolitan area including Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Credits : Vertiakl

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Crawler overturn on bridge project (16-08-2018)

A crawler crane overturned on a road bridge project on US Highway 15 near Winfield - north of Harrisburg – Pennsylvania, on Tuesday, dropping a large beam into the road below – US Highway 15 

No one was injured in the incident, in which the Manitowoc was apparently carrying out a tandem lift of a steel slider beam with another crawler crane when it went over sideways. 

Winfield Pa

The crane dropped the steel beam into the road below.

According to local police, the operator, who works for New Enterprise Stone and Lime had his seat belt on at the time and was able to exit the cab without a mark. US 15 was closed while the lift took place, so there was no traffic below, although the falling beam narrowly missed a boom lift on the road below. 

The road is expected to remain closed until the weekend. We will update this report if and when we learn more. 

Winfield Pa

The overturned crane
Credits : Vertikal
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