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Crane Information

Double Bridge Replacement For ALE (23-07-2019)

ALE has completed a double bridge replacement in under 110 hours in Newcastle, UK.

The two bridges, which help serve 36 million passengers every year, were replaced as part of a modernisation project for the region’s metro system.

To carry out the replacement, ALE first had to removed the old bridges. The 55 tonne structures were jacked up off the abutments using climbing jacks mounted on self propelled modular transporter (SPMT) trailer beds, before transporting them to a laydown area almost a mile (1.5 km) away.

Weighing 200 tonnes, the new bridges were transported to the site and jacked down into position and installed.

Each of the transport moves were carried out using 24 axle lines of SPMT in a 2 x 4 file 6 configuration, with the bridges supported using ALE trestles. Multiple items of street furniture were removed to facilitate the transport, which required the co-ordination of numerous parties, including multiple energy companies and two local councils.

ALE was given just 52 hours to complete each replacement over consecutive weekends, to minimise disruption to traffic.

The bridge replacements required ALE to first remove the old bridges, weighing 55 tonnes, and then install the new ones, which weighed 200 tonnes.

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Link-Belt and Kobelco Cranes Aid Space Training (22-07-2019)

Julian Leek and Mary Kanian report on how cranes are assisting with astronaut rescue training

As part of the plan to return to launching astronauts from American soil, Boeing is reaching “back to the future,” and everything old is new again as Boeing begins testing crew capsules for recovery from land and ocean.

Initially, training began off the Army Wharf at Florida’s Cape Canaveral Air Force Station with equipment from Beyel Crane & Rigging using a 200-ton Link-Belt 248 to place the rescue boats, and Boeing’s 15-foot diameter CST-100 Starliner training capsule into the waters off Port Canaveral.

Unlike earlier U.S. space capsules, the CST-100 will make airbag-cushioned landings on the ground rather than into water. The U.S. Air Force 45th Space Wing, along with the Defense Human Space Flight Support (HSFS) Office Rescue Division, were involved in this training, which was designed as a rescue operation in the unlikely event of an emergency during ascent, free flight or water landing. After this part of the training operation was completed, the spacecraft capsule was lowered onto the deck of the 175-foot ocean-going barge known as Ella Beyel. The barge was then rigged with a deck-mounted Kobelco CK 1000 II crawler headed out of Port Canaveral and into the Atlantic Ocean to repeat the recovery operation in real time sea conditions. No astronauts were involved in this part of the training exercise.

Ground and water training

The HSFS teams have supported all NASA human spaceflight programs and will be on standby for both NASA’s Commercial Crew Program and Orion launches and landings. This multi-day exercise consists of ground and water- based training to prepare the Department of Defense para-rescue team for an emergency situation on ascent. The HSFS teams will rehearse locating the Starliner spacecraft, sending out rescue teams to extract DoD team members, acting in the role of astronauts, from the capsule and providing immediate medical treatment.

A multitude of cranes, barges and watercraft from various companies operate in and around Patrick Air Force Base, Port Canaveral, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Kennedy Space Center and Brevard County in support of the U.S.

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Grove All Terrains For Grúas Aguado (20-07-2019)

Madrid, Spain-headquartered crane rental company Transportes y Grúas Aguado has taken delivery of four Grove GMK4100L-1 all-terrain cranes from crane manufacturer Manitowoc.

The 100 tonne capacity GMK4100L-1 is part of Grove’s long-boom series of all terrain cranes. It was launched in 2016 and replaced the GMK4100L.


“We chose the Grove GMK4100L-1 because it can be used for a multitude of jobs and different applications,” said Juan Aguado, president of Transportes y Grúas Aguado. “We particularly liked the agility and mobility, thanks to the Megatrak suspension system and all-wheel drive. We are often required to provide high load capacities in small, hard-to-access jobsites; for those jobs, the GMK4100L-1 is perfect. The four new machines now complete our fleet.”

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