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Crane Information

Interkran buys Demag AC 300-6 (18-03-2019)

Swiss crane company Interkran has bought a new Demag AC 300-6 all terrain made by Terex Cranes. This follows the recent purchase of a Demag AC 100-4L all terrain. Interkran general manager Tony Teixeira commented, “The performance data for the two cranes definitely made a compelling case, so we just went ahead and ordered both of them.”

According to Terex, Teixeira was particularly impressed with the AC 300-6s load chart which can lift up to 15 tonnes with its 80 metre main boom fully extended. This makes particularly suitable for erecting tower cranes, among other applications, said Terex. In addition, Terex claims the crane offers the longest reach of its class on the market at 119.80 metres. This, it said, was a key factor in Teixeira’s purchase decision.

General manager Tony Teixeira said: “The performance data for the two cranes definitely made a compelling case, so we just went ahead and ordered both of them.”

Established in 1995, Interkran is based in Lachen in north Switzerland. It runs a fleet of All Terrain cranes ranging from 70 to 300 tonnes, as well as tower cranes.

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Sarens Uses Tein Barge To Remove Bridge (16-03-2019)

Sarens recently worked with client Eiffage Démolition to remove a bridge connecting the Seine’s Île Seguin to Paris’s western suburbs. The steel bridge to be replaced weighed 930 tonnes and measured 82 metres long, 12 metres wide, and 11 metres high.

To remove it successfully, Sarens used the following equipment:

       # The twin barge Karel-Victor, with winches and ballasting equipment

       # Four 12-axle lines SPMT and four PPUs

       # Four CS1000 jacking towers

      # A steel transport structure

Selecting the right equipment was very important for this project. Because of the weight and size of the bridge, a barge with significant dimensions was required to ensure stability. At the same time, it had to have a narrow enough width to navigate up the river Seine. Sarens’ solution was to deploy the twin barge Karel-Victor, which could navigate the river uncoupled and then be coupled to double its width once at the quay.

The four SPMTs and transport structure were assembled on the quayside prior to the barge’s arrival. This required precision and skill due to space constraints at the quay. Once the barge docked, the SPMTs were driven on board using 12 metre RoRo ramps, and final preparations were made for the bridge’s removal.

The following day, the barge was brought into position below the bridge, where it performed the lift using the SPMTs’ hydraulic system and by ballasting water out of the barge.

Once the load was transferred to the barge, the SPMTs rotated the bridge by 90°. Then, the barge docked at the quayside so that the SPMTs and bridge could be driven off. During this phase, ballasting continued to ensure load compensation.

At the quayside, the bridge was positioned on top of four CS1000 jacking towers. The SPMTs and transport structure were then removed from below the bridge, and the bridge was jacked down.

“There was very limited space to execute our quayside operations,” explains project manager Kenny Decoster. Even so, the Sarens team worked carefully and precisely to successfully complete the bridge removal.

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Grove GMK5250L Integrated Heavy-Duty JIB IN ACTION (15-03-2019)

Australian rental company Metcalf Crane Services utilized the integrated heavy-duty jib, (known locally as a ‘machinery runner’), on a Grove GMK5250L to handle the delicate unloading and installation of wall panels for a new rail corridor project in Seaford, Victoria. Using the machinery runner from the Grove all-terrain crane, which is integrated into the crane’s swingaway jib, allows the use of both main and auxiliary hoists for the operation of two hooks simultaneously. The design of the machinery runner provides greater distance between the two hooks, making it perfect for applications such as panel installations.

The crane served a vital function on the project, as the wall panels, which weighed up to 30.5 t, had to be rotated from their horizontal position on the delivery vehicle to a vertical position for installation. Ideally, this operation had to be completed by a single crane as the congested job site meant finding space for a second crane to assist was a challenge.

Adding to the complexity of the project was the delicate design of the precast deflection panels, which required all rigging equipment for the installation to be installed vertically to avoid imposing any potentially damaging side loads on the panels. To ensure this part ran smoothly, Metcalf Crane Services used its own modular spreader bars, designed and manufactured in-house by the company.

The installation of the eight precast deflection wall panels is part of the Seaford Road grade separation project, being managed under the Victorian state government’s AUS$6.9 billion Level Crossing Removal project. The project aims to remove 50 of Melbourne’s most dangerous and congested level crossings by 2022. Work on the Seaford Road section of the project is being managed by a consortium of Lendlease Group, Acciona and WSP Global.

The GMK5250L has a maximum capacity of 250 t, a main boom length of 70 m and a maximum tip height of 110 m. It is one of the most powerful and versatile five-axle cranes on the market, with the highest-rated capacity and the quickest set-up time in its class. In Australia, the crane remains one of the best-selling five-axle machines, with over 20 either working or on their way to the country.

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