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Crane Information

Mammoet Announces 18000 Ton Crane (20-05-2019)

 An 18,000 tonne capacity super heavy lift crane concept has been announced by Mammoet.

The Netherlands-based international heavy lift and transport specialist has combined elements from its existing MSG and PTC series cranes in the design of the new MSG1000. MSG stands for Mammoet Sliding Gantry.

Commenting on the new concept Jacques Stoof, Mammoet global director market development and innovation, said, “…we see from developments in, for example, modular construction, there is a growing need for cranes with significantly more lifting capacity than the market has seen thus far. While we have left the basic concept of the PTC intact, we have enhanced its capacity. Among other features, a double boom and strand jacks in combination with winches-based hoisting significantly increases its capacity – up to 18,000 metric tonnes.”

MSG1000 001c

The MSG and PTC cranes combine capacity up to 5,000 tonnes with a reach of up to 256 metres on the main boom and jib. Mammoet operates ten PTCs worldwide. The company said it will discuss the concept with its customers to help determine how it can meet market needs.

MSG1000 001a

Mammoet showing how its MSG1000 would be used to install entire large modules

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Liebherr Delivers Cranes To The GERMAN ARMY (18-05-2019)

Liebherr-Werk Ehingen GmbH delivered the first mobile and recovery cranes from its current large order from the German Army on schedule in February. In June 2017, Liebherr received an order from the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) to deliver a total of 71 armored mobile and recovery cranes worth around 150 million euros.

The order comprises the delivery of 33 armored recovery cranes with the model name G-BKF and 38 G-LTM mobile cranes, which also feature armored drivers’ cabs and armored crane cabs. The deliveries are scheduled to be completed by the end of 2021.

G-BKF recovery crane

The G-BKF from Liebherr is an armored recovery crane on a standard four-axle mobile crane chassis. It has excellent off-road capability and great maneuverability. Its two recovery winches and a towing hitch at the rear enable it to rescue and tow a wide range of different vehicles such as the new generation of armored control and command vehicles, armored transport vehicles, MULTI FSA (swap body vehicles) and wheeled vehicles which are already in use whilst the operating personnel is being guarded. The G-BKF can be used flexibly and economically since it is equipped both to recover vehicles and to hoist loads. Its 20.9 meter telescopic boom enables the G-BKF to handle loads of up to 20 tonnes quickly and precisely

G-LTM armored mobile crane

The G-LTM ordered by the German Army is based on a standard four-axle mobile crane with an armoured driver’s cabin and an armored crane cabin. Its all-terrain chassis features the latest chassis and drive technology, which ensures excellent handling, even on difficult terrain. A six-cylinder Liebherr diesel engine in the chassis, which delivers 330 kW and a torque of 2335 Nm provides the G-LTM with all the power it requires. It has a 35.7 meter telescopic boom and a recovery winch at the rear. The order from the German Army comprises 17 G-LTM cranes with 8.4 tonnes of counterweights known as “Heavy duty mobile cranes” and 21 units of the same model with 22.5 tonnes of counterweights with the designation “Very heavy duty mobile cranes”.

High personnel protection requirements

The focus when the order was placed was on the protection of personnel in the cranes. Liebherr-Werk Ehingen GmbH worked with Rheinmetall, the leading European supplier of military equipment, on the armored driver’s cabs and armored crane cabs to ensure that the high requirements could be satisfied. The drivers’ cabs protect the crew from ballistic, mine and IED threats and also feature an NBC ventilation system. The superstructure cabs protect the crane operators from ballistic threats during crane operations. The two cabs are identical for the G-LTM and G-BKF vehicles.

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Lift Planning Goes Mobile (17-05-2019)

Liebherr’s Crane Planner 2.0 helps users find solutions to successfully master lifts. The latest feature is Crane Planner’s mobile app that delivers lift planning data directly to a mobile device.

According to Liebherr, Crane Planner 2.0 combines highly detailed, interactive 3D models with all the relevant planning data, based on the Load Moment Limiter (LML) of the respective machine.

“Every change in the crane geometry activates a new calculation of all planning data,” Liebherr said. “The software gives a warning as soon as the risk of a potential collision between machine, load or surroundings exists, or if safety distances are not observed. Parameters such as ground pressure, utilization, center of gravity and erectability are constantly monitored. Information such as lifting height or radius can be activated and user-specified measurements (metric or imperial) can be appropriately defined. After planning, the results can be printed or shared with others in a cloud.”

Crane Planner 2.0 can deliver precise 3D models of the machine configuration. Using current machine data, configurations of all available Liebherr crawler cranes and duty cycle crawler cranes in all positions can be selected.

Using “Quick Config” the user can quickly alter various crane configurations during the planning stage, (for example, the length of the main boom from 62 meters to 71 meters), and then let the system recalculate the complete lift.

New features

The Rigging Editor feature enables a general definition of the lifting devices. Users can choose from six different models and specify heights, lengths, breadths and weights of the chosen lifting devices as required. Based on these criteria, the system calculates the consequential forces, angles and lengths. At the same time, the resulting geometry is considered to assess possible collisions.

Lead photo (16)

Liebherr’s Crane Planner 2.0 can deliver precise 3D models of the machine configuration. 

Planning data such as load capacity, distribution of the ground pressure, and specific information about the geometry can be exported to a lifting plan for all defined working processes. Additionally, the Report Designer allows combined export of technical drawings and relevant planning data in PDF format. The measuring functions and the various import and export options are purposefully tailored to meet the requirements of modern lift planning.

Virtual Reality is an enhancement of the existing Crane Planner 2.0, allowing users to experience the planned project, including crane, load and surroundings, in virtual 3D.

During the planning phase, it is possible to survey the whole project, to operate the machines and to directly experience the planned working processes from lifting to setting down the load. In Ego Mode, the observer can move freely in the virtual area and view the project from all angles. Thus, a completely new spatial understanding of the jobsite and the technical interdependencies can be achieved.

Important data about the lift is quickly and easily available with the new CP mobile app, which features all Liebherr LR and HS machines built in or after 2002, including all lift charts available in the field. After selecting the appropriate crane and relevant load, ground pressure calculations can be quickly and easily carried out without costly planning. As well, this data can be prepared and exported as a report.

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