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CM Labs Releases Simulation-Based Crane Signaller Training (20-06-2018)

CM Labs today announced the release of its new Signaller Training Station, a simulation-based solution that is the only one of its kind in the industry.

Designed to work in conjunction with CM Labs’ Vortex® Trainer and Advantage simulators, the Signaller Training Station allows trainers to simultaneously engage multiple students in a single exercise. While one apprentice operates a virtual crane via the Vortex simulator, another uses the Signaller Training Station to provide guidance.


The trainee signaller can move around a realistically simulated worksite to inspect the lifting area, identify potential hazards, gain a clear view of all site activity, and provide hand signals to direct the crane operator via webcam and picture-in-picture display.

Together, trainees either fail as a team or succeed as a team. The result, says CM Labs, is new operators that are simply better prepared for any worksite, as they are learning critical skills before engaging with real cranes.

“From job planning to after-action review, collaborative learning builds effective teams,” said Lisa Barbieri, CM Labs’ VP Marketing. “CM Labs’ new cooperative signaller station allows novice operators to train for effective teamwork and communications in a realistic and wholly risk-free environment.”

Embedding the trainee signaller in a working simulation increases trainee engagement and motivation, she adds, making this an extremely effective platform to learn correct signaller and load positioning, proper hand signals, optimal lines of sight, and safe direction of lift operations.


Additionally, instructors can monitor the entire operation via an Instructor Operating Station that provides scoring and reporting capabilities, as well as the ability to introduce challenges such as equipment malfunctions or weather events, at any time.

The Signaller Training Station is designed for use with all CM Labs crane operator training packs, including the flat-top and luffing tower cranes, rough terrain mobile crane, and crawler crane.

CM Labs’ signaller station not only reduces training costs by having team members train in tandem, reducing demands on instructors—it also makes it possible for organizations to train operators in ways that may be too risky or expensive to replicate in real life.

The Signaller Training Station made its world premiere, along with CM Labs’ new Luffing Tower Crane Simulator Training Pack, at the Tower Cranes North America event held June 18-19 in Miami, USA.

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SARENS Opens Four New Depots Worldwide (19-06-2018)

Sarens is pleased to announce the opening of four new crane depots in France, the Czech Republic, Russia and the UK as part of a strategy to reach local customers in new markets. 

The depots will expand Sarens’ rental and maintenance capabilities at a time when clients are investing more in OPEX (maintenance and upgrade of existing facilities) than CAPEX (greenfields and new infrastructure). The four new depot locations include:  

1 Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

2 Pierrelaye near Paris, France

3 Hinkley Point in Bridgwater, UK

4 Kazan, Russia 

The depots are being added to existing business units and will offer cost-effective crane rental services to local clients. They will serve multiple sectors with a fleet of smaller cranes that can be used safely and continuously. They will also be able to assist with larger operations, for example during shutdowns when larger cranes are needed in addition to smaller ones. 

As Sarens has learnt over the years, it is almost impossible to serve local clients without being close to their operations. Although the Group has four existing depots in France, it is adding a fifth depot to serve clients near Paris. And while Sarens already has a depot in neighbouring Kazakhstan, the new depot in Kazan, Russia will be better able to meet the needs of clients there. 

Sarens business units across the world will be conducting in-depth market analyses to determine the viability of adding more depots to serve local customers. The Group will share more information about the four new depot openings, as well as future depot opportunities, in the coming months.

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GMK4090 Debuts At Crane Days 2018 (18-06-2018)

Visitors to Manitowoc’s Crane Days 2018 event are the first in North America to see the new, best-in-class Grove GMK4090 all-terrain crane. It’s one of several cranes debuting at the Crane Days event, which highlights the innovation and velocity that comes with following The Manitowoc Way, and has resulted in several new crane models for 2018.

The new GMK4090 taxi crane features a modern, compact design that puts an emphasis on roadability and maneuverability. Manitowoc designed the crane using extensive Voice of Customer (VOC) research, which revealed demand for a lightweight, flexible taxi crane in the 90 t (100 USt) capacity class.

“The GMK4090 has been designed with flexibility and maneuverability as main focuses in accordance with our customers’ needs,” said Andreas Cremer, global product director of Grove all-terrain cranes. “With its best-in-class taxi load chart and compact footprint, this crane will be ideal for a variety of applications. Various counterweight options also give it versatility in roading, which can increase efficiency and return on investment for many owners.”

The GMK4090 offers a 51 m (167 ft), six-section MEGAFORM boom that utilizes Grove’s TWIN-LOCK pinning system. Boosting its overall reach is a 15 m (49 ft) bi-fold swing-away jib that can be extended with a 6 m (20 ft) boom extension for a total jib length of 21 m (69 ft). It can travel with a maximum 18.3 t (20.2 USt) counterweight, and within 12 t (13 USt) per axle, it can transport up to 9.1 t (10 USt) to the job site without the need for an additional transport truck. This feature enables high capacity while keeping transport costs low. Also, the distance between the front and rear axle groups was extended beyond the 2.4 m (8 ft) minimum requirement for U.S. bridge laws. This simplifies roading permits, making the Grove GMK4090 the ideal taxi crane.

The crane features compact dimensions, with a narrow width of 2.55 m (8.4 ft), so it can easily access and maneuver within the tightest of job sites. It has a minimum tail swing of only 3.5 m (11.6 ft), so it stays within the maximum outrigger width, unlike other cranes in this segment that require extended tail-swing clearance. The GMK4090 also offers the new MAXbase feature as an option—this variable outrigger setting gives the crane more setup flexibility on the job site, especially when erecting it on irregular job site grounds. MAXbase also offers greater capacity when compared with the 360° standard load chart.

The GMK4090 features Manitowoc’s Crane Control System (CCS), an easy-to-use operating interface that has now been standardized across the company’s crane offerings and is featured on every new model.

“When considering a new addition to our popular taxi crane line, we had to ensure that the GMK4090 would be extremely versatile in travel, set up and lifting options,” Cremer explained. “This is The Manitowoc Way in action, and the result is a new crane that should help crane owners increase efficiency and utilization in their fleets.”

North American customers looking to expand their taxi fleets now have more options than ever, with three innovation-packed GMK models to choose from. Manitowoc is also showing the 150 t (175 USt) GMK5150L and the 250 t (300 USt) GMK5250L at Crane Days to reinforce the point. Much like the GMK4090, these all-terrain cranes were brought to market with the velocity put forth by The Manitowoc Way.

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