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Crane Information

Video Crane of Thrones (07-02-2020)

Earlier this week we stumbled across a video from German crane rental company Maxikraft that we felt many of our readers would appreciate.

Take a seat – although we suspect you will only need the edge – and enjoy...:-)

Dramatic and slightly Game of Thrones-esque – organise a good speaker, turn up the sound and make sure its full screen.

Have a great weekend!

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80 Liebherrs In Two Years (05-02-2020)

German rental company Ulferts & Wittrock has placed an order for a further 40 Liebherr cranes following a 40 unit order last year.

The 80 cranes include LTM All Terrains, LTC City type cranes and LTF truck cranes, and range from 30 tonne two axle models to the five axle 250 tonne LTM 1250-5.1 All Terrain cranes. The company has said that low travel costs was an important factor with its decision and that it chose a larger number of 70 tonne LTM 1070-4.2 and 90 tonne LTM 1090-4.2 four axle models which can run with 10 tonne axle loads.

Joint managing director Marcus Wittrock, said: “The LTC 1050-3.1 is perfect for jobs inside industrial buildings and also in constricted urban areas. We ordered all these cranes with an elevating cab to provide the crane operator with a better view of the site situation so as to enhance safety.”

Ulferts & Wittrock have order 80 cranes from Liebherr since last year

Fellow managing director, Temmo Niekamp, added: “The company has a long term partnership with Liebherr. We feel that the company takes good care of us, their cranes are innovative and retain their value. What is more, we can rely on their after sales service at all times.”

Established by Klaus Wittrock and Hermann Ulferts as a logistics service provider for the heavy lifting sector in 1989, the company now runs a large fleet of All Terrain and crawler cranes, as well as aerial work platforms, telehandlers and heavy haulage vehicles. It is also a member of the System Lift association of independent rental companies, operating from locations in Oldenburg, Brake, Hamburg, Hollenstedt and Schwerin.

Premium Cranes & Boom Lift Available FoHire & Sale

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Video : Five Axle Crane Used For Bungee Car Jump (01-02-2020)

If you have not seen it yet BBC’s Top Gear programme carried out a bungee jump off the top of a large dam – with a car and its occupant, show host and ex-cricketer, Freddie Flintoff.

The crane, a five axle Liebherr from the Sabesa fleet in Switzerland, was set up on the narrow curved track on top of the 165 metre Diga di Luzzone dam due north of Lugano.

Watch The Video :-

While the exercise was an excellent example of lift planning, risk management and rigging etc.. Many take the view that such exploits are unnecessary and poor practice – a Death Wish if you like. In fact looking at the video footage it is clear that Flintoff thinks that this might be the case as he was manoeuvred around on the end of a crane hook for almost 45 minutes.

The rigging was grossly engineered but hard to see if a wire rope failure was taken into consideration

Sabesa is based in Riazzino and rents out both cranes and aerial lifts from two locations in the Italian speaking Ticino region of Switzerland. It runs two Liebherr five axle All Terrain cranes – a 100 tonne LTM 1100-5.2 and a 220 tonne LTM 1220-5.2 – which we think is the one used here?

The big crane was set up on the narrow track on top of the 165 metre dam

Premium Cranes & Boom Lift Available FoHire & Sale

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