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AL FARIS Completes Heavy Lift Challenge (20-07-2018)

Al Faris was recently awarded a project at a power plant in Dubai. The project included 12 heavy lifts of various sized generators, the largest weighing 404T which were to be lifted in confined spaces between structures.

Execution was planned and carried out by our trained operators. All technical support documentation, execution plans and schedules were prepared in-house that helped organize all activities from beginning to end; this allowed for minim delays and ultimately safely lifting the generators in confined spaces. We also provided a strong commitment and focus to adhere to best HSE practices on site which was discussed in detail with the client prior to the commencement of any operation. 

Al Faris lifting the 404 tonne generator using LR 11000

After careful consideration and calculations, the Liebherr LR 11000 lattice boom crawler crane was considered the most suitable to safely carry out the heavy lifts. The cranes strength and capacity along with its various boom configurations makes it the most ideal and efficient crane for demanding heavy lifts at heights.

The 404 tonne generator hoisted 30 meters


Liebherr LR 11000 lowering one of 12 generators

Prior to the final lift, the crane was assembled with the required ballast weight and slinged with the heavy duty webbing belts planned to be used and detailed in the lifting plan. Our competent team of Planning engineers, Heavy lift managers and Supervisor were all present on site to ensure a safe and undisturbed lift with great efficiency.

The big powerhouse – Our 1000T crawler crane was used with SDWB2 configuration (main boom – 48.0m, luffer – 30.0m) while lifting the 404T generator which was one of our most impressive heavy lifts by a single crane.


The entire execution included lifting of the generator from the hydraulic trailer and maneuvering the crane with the load towards the foundation which was approx. 10m distance away to achieve the planned radius. The load was then hoisted to a height of 30m and rotated over a high rise steel structure and slowly lowered to approx. 15m within the narrow space between the steel structures to the foundation level. The final alignment of the load was done by coordinating with the installation team. A similar lifting procedure was followed to safely lift the remaining 11 generators.

Overall the client was very satisfied with the project execution and plan.

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Taken Delivery Of Five New Groves (18-07-2018)

Mammoet Netherlands has taken delivery of five 90 tonne Grove GMK4090 All Terrain cranes, some of the first to come off the production line

The four axle GMK4090 features a 51 metre six section boom with the Grove Twin-Lock boom pinning system. A nine to 15 metre bi-fold swingaway can be further extended with a six metre insert between boom nose and extension, taking the maximum tip height to 75 metres.

Manitowoc, Grove GMK4090, Mammoet

The five new GMK4090s

Managing director Wouter van Noort said: “We purchased the four axle All Terrain cranes due to their multifunctionality and one man operation ability in the 70 to 90 tonne class. In the Netherlands, nearly all cranes drive with a two axle trailer so that the full counterweight can be transported on the crane and trailer. These four axle cranes take away the need for further trailers and do away with additional transportation costs.”

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TCC-2500 Solves Wind Challenges In Kansas (17-07-2018)

A Link-Belt TCC-2500 250-ton (235-mt) telescopic crawler crane is on rent to R.J. Corman Railroad Services in Central Kansas. R.J. Corman Railroad Services is contracted by Watco Supply Chain Services to unload wind components delivered by truck and rail at two 30 acre sites in Great Bend and Larned, KS.

We have a couple of power lines we have to go under and with the TCC-2500 in Great Bend, it just makes it simple to suck in the boom, crawl under it, use one spotter, and get it done. With the lattice, you take your crew of men, a semi-trailer, lay the boom down to go under the power line, and we may have to do that two or three times a day,” said R.J. Corman Railroad Services Crane Operator,  Patrick Nemec. Wind components are received via truck and rail, offloaded and placed on fixtures on the ground where they will remain for storage until they are assigned a wind farm for installation.

By May 2018 over 1,000 wind components have delivered and have been stored between the two locations in 12 months.

Components include everything from 44 – 57 m (144 – 187 ft.) blades (30,000 lbs.), hubs (68,000 lbs.), cans (120,000 lbs.), and machine heads (142,000 lbs.). The most recent crane addition to R.J. Corman Railroad Services’ stable of Link-Belts is the TCC-2500 that delivered on rent in November 2017 from ALL Family of Companies. R.J. Corman Railroad Services is also lifting with a 238 HSL lattice crawler crane, and two rough terrain six-wheel cranes, an RTC-80150 Series II and RTC-80100.
In Great Bend, Nemec and the rest of the R.J. Corman Railroad Services crew used the TCC-2500 to unload 142,000 lb. machine heads, the heaviest wind components being delivered. “With pick and carry, the 2500 performs excellently. We can swing these machine heads over the side, out front, over the rear – then walk it to where we need. It’s just a hoss. I don’t know how else to say it, it’s just great,” said Nemec.

As components deliver to the laydown yard, the TCC-2500 is positioned in proximity to each shipment, able to pick and carry to the appropriate storage position. “Instead of the RT having to reset, we can have the driver back in within our radius. We grab each load and then crawl the TCC-2500 to stack wherever. If we were using an RT, you’d have to be able to get the truck right where we need to be and you’d be resetting the crane, lifting, moving, and jumping these heads. It would take half a day to do all that. With the TCC-2500, we just get the truck somewhat close to the target area, pick it, and I walk it where we need it,” said Nemec.

Each site is ideal for wind turbine storage as they are both near developmental sites for future wind projects. Both locations are also accessible to two Class One railroads (BNSF and Union Pacfic) and Highway 56 for out-of-state component deliveries from Arkansas, Florida, and North Dakota.

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