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Video Successfully Lifts 250 Ton Vessel (16-01-2019)

One of the challenges that shipbuilders face is getting the vessel into the water once building has been completed. Sarens was asked to launch the brand new trawler, Guiding Light, in the historic fishing town of Whitby in the UK.

For a boat 26m long, 8m wide, standing 12m high and weighing over 250T, this is no easy task. Precision engineering and planning was a necessity due to the tight confines of the build yard. To execute the lift Sarens rigged the TC2800-1 as it had the capacity, stability, and its small footprint could be engineered into the tight confines of the yard. The TC2800-1 was rigged with 42m main boom, 30m superlift back-mast, and a 200T superlift counterweight.

Check Out the Video

The fact that the shape and weight distribution of this type of object are irregular meant that Sarens came armed with specialist equipment designed to disperse the weight, facilitating a controlled, level, and safe lift. The day prior to the installation operation, a test lift of the trawler was preformed to ensure that everything would work as per plan.

Lift commenced with the owners in attendance as part of the official launch ceremony. Once the full weight of the trawler was taken by the TC2800-1 and the 200T superlift counterweight was active, the trawler was slowly and precisely slewed anti-clockwise until directly over the water. The trawler was slowly lowered in the water, releasing the weight from the crane and completing a safe and successful lift.

Sarens has the biggest fleet of cranes and transport trailers in the market, all of which are available for rent. If you have a project, big or small, that requires heavy lifting, Sarens is able to provide everything you need. Our cranes are quickly available, and can be deployed all around the world.

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Kato For Civil Engineer (14-01-2019)

UK civil engineering and tunnelling specialist Barhale group has taken delivery of a Kato CR-350Ri city type All Terrain crane.

The CR-350Ri features a 32.5 metre six section boom and a three section telescopic jib that extends from 6.5 to 14 metres and can offset by up to 60 degrees. The crane was delivered by Kato's European distributor Rivertek Services.

Gary Woodfull of Barhale said: “When choosing to purchase a new crane we examined various options and ultimately decided to buy a Kato based on its impressive specification, quick delivery time and Kato’s reputation in the market generally. We have dealt with Rivertek in the past and have been very pleased with them, so this was also a factor in our decision.”

Rivertek operations manager Ivan Bolster added: “Barhale are an existing customer of ours and we delighted to have the opportunity to deliver a new Kato to them and develop our relationship further.”

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JLG Kicks Off 50th Anniversary Year (12-01-2019)

JLG has kicked off its 50th anniversary this week starting a year of celebrations marking its establishment by John L Grove in 1969.

On January 9th, 1969 Grove, along with Ben Stevens and Paul Shockey finally went public on their new manufacturing venture, named Condor Industries. At this point they had no product line and no manufacturing facility, merely an office in Greencastle, Pennsylvania

However within a month or two they purchased steel fabricator Fulton Industries and its plant in McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania, with 26 employees and contracts to build dredging hulls, shot blasting frames and drilling rig fabrications. 

JLG Condor

The company and its first boom lift was originally named Condor
The first boom lift, originally a 27ft telescopic initially dubbed the Condor 2732 was unveiled in 1970 as an aircraft maintenance tool. It was also around this time that it was forced to abandon the Condor name and adopted JLG as the name for both the company and the product that would take lead to global success. But we will cover more on the early history of JLG later in the year. 


The first JLG boom lift 'in the iron' in 1970

JLG today is the clear market leader in the self propelled aerial work platform market, and recently celebrated the delivery of its 250,000th boom lift. 
President Frank Nerenhausen said: “50 years is a remarkable milestone for both JLG and the access industry. Our founder not only started a company, but an entire industry. This is a key point of differentiation for the JLG brand. We continue to build on this legacy through continuous development of products, services and technology that advance safety for work at height.”

“John Grove’s inventive spirit continues to fuel product development at JLG. He blazed a trail that was never before travelled, and we mark 50 years with a steadfast focus on providing the industry with access equipment solutions that continue to bring his initial vision and purpose to life.”

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