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Grove GRT880 On New Infrastructure Project (25-06-2019)

Yonkers Contracting Company (Yonkers) is using its recently acquired Grove GRT880 on an infrastructure project along Route 17 in Harriman, New York. The project includes building a new bridge, a new interchange, and inserting new drainage, has a quick-paced schedule and is expected to be completed later this year. Yonkers is using their GRT crane to lift steel beams, precast drainage pipes and other materials for the project. Due to the reach needed to complete the lifts of the steel beams and drainage pipes, the GRT880’s impressive load charts were on full display. On the job site, loads as much as 20 USt are being raised to heights of 25 ft and then placed below ground level at radii up to 75 ft. 

“The 50 USt cranes we typically use didn’t have the capacities for the type of lifting that we needed to do on this job, so we really had to look at load charts to see which crane was best for us,” said Lou Marino, VP equipment operation at Yonkers. “The GRT880 has been a great fit for this project. Its lifting capacity and boom length were ideal for the job, and we haven’t had any downtime with the crane, which has enabled us to boost our efficiency.” 

Grove’s Crane Control System (CCS) was also an important feature that stood out to the contractor. Yonkers has a fleet of about 750 pieces of equipment and uses them across New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, so ease of use and consistency within operation is paramount. 

“Because our equipment gets moved around to different states, we don’t have the same operators on the equipment every day,” Marino said. “So, it is important for us to have a crane that is easy to operate with a cab that was comfortable. I think we found exactly that with the GRT880.” 

CCS features a user-friendly interface, featuring two full-graphic displays mounted vertically for easier viewing and a jog dial for easier navigation and data input. The system allows the electronic controllers to be reprogrammed by the operator for specific speed and reaction. It also has a 20° tilt cab for optimal vision and comfort for the operator. 

Over the years, Yonkers has worked closely with its Grove and Manitowoc dealer Hoffman Equipment, from which it also purchased the GRT880. The Piscataway, New Jersey-based construction equipment dealer was once again influential in helping Yonkers choose its newest machine, even helping get the crane certified in New York City. 

“The tilt cab and CCS in the GRT880 are great, but Yonkers needed this crane to complete the Route 17 project because of the machine’s added boom length and higher capacity,” said Pasquale Tomasetti, account manager and sales representative at Hoffman Equipment. “We’ve had a great working relationship with Yonkers over the years, whether it’s selling new equipment, servicing machines or answering an questions that they have. We look forward to seeing this crane on other job sites helping them drive results.”

Source: Manitowoc Cranes

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Indian Company Sanghvi Movers Has Maintained Its Sixth Place Position (22-06-2019)

International Cranes and Specialized Transport has published its 2019 list of the world’s 100 largest crane-owning companies.

Companies are ranked by their IC Index, calculated as the total maximum load moment rating, in tonne-metres, of all the cranes in a company’s fleet.

The grand total IC Index value of all the companies in 2019 was 28,051,368 tonne-metres, up 0.57% on the 27,892,816 of 2018. Add to this the complete figures on the IC50 2019 and an interesting picture of the crane industry emerges, but what difference did the year make to crane companies’ individual IC Index and how did they rank?

Top 10 largest crane companies in the world 2019

10. Weldex

Based in the UK, Weldex was founded in 1979 by the McGilvray family and its activities now range from crane rental to the manufacture and supply of rigging equipment. The company’s 130 lattice crawler cranes equate to an IC Index of 480,500 and sees the company retain its number 10 position on the IC50 for the third year running.

9. Deep South Crane & Rigging

With worldwide services that range from bare crane rental to turnkey heavy lift and heavy transport solutions, Deep South’s 2019 rating of 488,085 sees it move up from thirteenth place in 2018 to ninth place this year. Over the past year the American firm has invested heavily in its fleet, adding 36 more units and bringing its totals to 242 wheeled and 26 lattice cranes.

8. Buckner Heavy Lift Cranes

Over 70 years Buckner has undertaken projects that include the Mercedes-Benz Stadium and the Stennis Space Center Test Stands in the USA. Up one place on last year, Buckner is continuing its upward trajectory by shaking up the composition of its fleet. Despite now having three fewer crawler units, the company has increased its IC Index rating from 508,692 in 2018 to 555,421 this year.

7. Bigge Crane and Rigging

In operation for more than a century, 2019 sees the company move up one place on the IC50 Index. It’s 724 wheeled mobile and 224 crawler units, crowned by a 1,000 tonne Liebherr LR 11000, give the US company an IC Index of 593,139. Bigge also made it onto this year’s ACT100, published by ICST’s sister magazine American Cranes and Transport. It lists the largest crane-owning companies in North America based on total fleet lifting capacity.

6. Sanghvi Movers

Indian company Sanghvi Movers has maintained its sixth place position on the IC50 for five years in a row. This year saw no change in the size of the firm’s fleet, with its 312 wheeled mobile cranes and 298 lattice crawler units total an IC Index of 1,021,210 tonne-metres in 2019.

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5. Lampson International

Another non-mover on the IC50 is Lampson International. Its fleet of 389 lattice crawlers and 69 wheeled mobile units, results in it matching its 2018 IC Index calculation of 1,255,693. The US company has streamlined its operations over the past twelve months. It has 18 depots and a workforce of 300 people worldwide.

4. Maxim Crane Works

Maxim takes the number four spot on the IC50 again this year. The US company, which also ranked on the ACT100 list, has 55 branches worldwide and an IC Index of 2,270,239. The total maximum load moment rating of its 505 crawlers and 2,715 wheeled mobile cranes also marks a 1,000,000 tonne-metres jump between fourth and fifth place on the IC Index.

3. ALE

With a 2019 IC Index of 2,295,623, the ALE fleet’s maximum load rating in tonne-metres is down on last year’s IC Index of 2,385,630. Over the past year the company has added a total of 24 units to its fleet, including an AL.SK10,000. This brings ALE’s total fleet numbers to 125 wheeled mobile telescopic cranes and 61 lattice boom cranes.

2. Sarens

Operating for more than 60 years, Sarens has more than 100 entities in 65 countries and deals in all markets from mining and wind to civil, offshore and nuclear. Having made some changes over the past year, its fleet now comprises 1,093 wheeled mobile telescopic cranes and 440 lattice boom units, with a 5,000 tonne SGC-250 as its largest crane. With a 2019 IC Index of 2,771,436, Sarens has now retained its number two ranking for more than six years.

1. Mammoet

Maintaining its 100% winning record, Mammoet’s heavy lift and transport services have enabled it to become the biggest crane company in the world. It operates in numerous markets from petrochemical and nuclear to infrastructure, ports and mining. Crowned by a 5,000 tonne Mammoet PTC 200 DS ring crane, Mammoet’s fleet of 136 lattice cranes and 528 wheeled mobile units result in an IC Index calculation of 2,850,000 tonne-metres. To view the complete IC50 Index click here, or download the June issue of ICST magazine

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A faster safer way to install turbine blades. (21-06-2019)

Dutch international heavy lift company Mammoet and international marine contractor Van Oord have agreed a partnership to develop a new lifting method for installing wind turbine blades with Australian technical lifting and rotation management specialist Verton.

The partners believe that by sharing knowledge and expertise they will be able to speed up the development of an improved method to shorten the installation cycle times wind turbine blades, while making their installation safer for operators. 

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Verton has developed a remote rotating device that uses gyroscopic modules installed a spreader beam that allows a banksman to rotate and control a suspended load via a remote controller, rather than tag lines. A new concept has now been developed in which this unit is integrated into a lifting yoke for installing wind turbine blades. 

Van Ord engineer Wouter de Wildt said: “The system allows operators to rotate and install heavy loads without using tag lines. Not only is this safer for operators, but it also shortens the installation cycle times.”

Van Oord and Mammoet have each committed to the first phase of a three phase development programme. In the first ‘kick-off’ phase the two will carry out a full technical and requirement assessment. Turbine supplier Vestas has agreed to be a knowledge partner in this stage of the development, providing the project partners with the technical information and expertise required for the development of the new product. 

Mammoet director of market development and innovations Jacques Stoof said: Mammoet. “We are pleased to collaborate with other organisations in the same field, so we can jointly develop new tools and equipment to help the world of renewable energy to work safer and more efficiently.” 

(L-R)Jacques Stoof of Mammoet, Trevor Bourne of Verton and Paul Verheul of Van Oord

The agreement was concluded and signed by Stoof, Van Oord chief operating officer Paul Verheul and Verton managing director Trevor Bourne.

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