About Us

CRANE PLUS is the one stop solution for cranes, crane parts, man lifts, and forklifts. The one and only website that works solely on crane and crane related stuffs.

Our mission is to bring unity and standardisation in the crane industry. We aim at empowering customers to make informed crane dealings with unbiased information on cranes through our detailed report on crane specifications, efficient backend verification process and high quality images/videos.

We are Mumbai based company focused in making the trading and hiring of cranes easier. We have more than 30 years of experience in crane industry where in we were involved in hiring as well as in trading.
We have found it’s exclusively difficult to deal in cranes. If we needed a machine, the seller used to disappear in the last minute. Similarly, if we needed to sell, the buyers were missing.
It occurred to us, why it’s so difficult to connect the buyers, sellers or hirers when the relationship would benefit both the sides.

So, Here we are with the solution i.e. Crane Plus. It’s a platform for buyers, sellers and hirers to connect through a more safe, monitored and unbiased environment.
We lists cranes, craneparts, manlifts and forklifts. We further lists the business of the people dealing in this industry. The products listed in our website are verified through efficient verification process to maintain the authenticity of the website.

We present the product to the users effectively by proper editing the photos, making smart videos and sharing this information to the industry people and connect them directly.
We are proud of doing what makes us feel happy. Let’s join hands and work towards uniting our industry through this website.