3 New RTs from Tadano

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Tadano has confirmed that it will launch three new Rough Terrain cranes for the North American market at Conexpo this March.

They include two 90.7 tonne/100 ton models - the GR-1000XLL-4 and GR-1000XL-4 - along with the 73 tonne/80 ton GR-800XL-4. The models are full upgrades of its current Rough Terrain models in the 75 to 100 ton class which were launched in 2011. The upgrades focus on improved safety, comfort, performance and work range as well as meeting the latest emission standards.

The principal difference between the two 100 ton models is boom length – the extra L in the GR-1000XLL-4 nomenclature designates a longer five section boom at 51 metres - while the GR-1000XL-4 has a five section 47 metre boom, the same length as the GR-1000XL-3 which they replace. All three cranes feature a 10.7 to 17.1 metre bi-fold swingaway extension which offsets by up to 45 degrees.

In addition to the longer boom the GR-1000XLL-4 features a new ‘Smart Counterweight’ system providing the operator with two counterweight positions which, when ‘extended’, boosts lift capacity by up to 20 percent. Maximum radius on main boom is 47.2 metres for the long boom and 44.2 metres on the 47 metre boom.

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The 73 tonne GR-800XL-4 also features the 47 metre boom and with a gross vehicle weight of 45 tonnes/99,800 pounds it is easy to transport. Overall length is 14.37 metres – the same as the GR-1000XL-4 – while the longer boom GR-1000XLL-4 is 15.18 metres. All three units have an overall width of 3.31 metres and an overall height of 3.8 metres.

The new Tadano GR-1000XLL-4 in travel mode

All three cranes also feature a redesigned cab with improved visibility and comfort, along with more efficient controls. This includes a new 10.4 inch multi-function colour pressure sensitive touch panel display which shows all operational settings and lifting information and can be used while wearing gloves. The cab instrument panel shape, height, and angle have also been modified in order to improve visibility from the operator’s seat. The cab tilts by up to 20 degrees for easy more ergonomic monitoring of high loads over longer periods.

Tadano’s ‘View System’ includes winch drum monitoring cameras, along with cameras on the right front and rear of the crane for added visibility while driving, while a ‘Clearance Sonar’ detects obstacles to the rear of the crane.

Power comes from a Cummins EU Stage V/Tier IV B 6.7 diesel matched to a six speed transmission. A new pump disconnect function automatically stops the hydraulic pumps if the crane is not operated for a certain period of time, helping reduce fuel consumption. The cranes are also equipped with a fuel monitoring system, Eco-Mode, and Positive Control all of which play a role in reducing Co2 emissions and noise while improving fuel consumption.

The new Tadano GR-1000XLL-4

The cranes are also equipped with Tadano’s Hello-Net telematics and web based information service, connected by its Hello-Data Link which uses mobile devices or LAN Wi-Fi. A full comparison will feature in an upcoming Cranes & Access magazine, once we have the full specification sheets.

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