Crane Overturns Damages Football Pitch

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A five axle crane overturned onto the football pitch at the Anoeta stadium in San Sebastián, northern Spain yesterday. 

The crane, a 130 tonne Grove GMK5130/1 owned and operated by crane rental company Usabiaga, had been brought in to place new stairs into the upper tier of the new north stand.

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The crane was set up with the outrigger beams facing the lift fully extended, while the two to the rear were set up with the beams retracted and jacks simply extended – in order to avoid damaging to the precious grass. However the operator raised the fully retracted main boom to its maximum elevation and swung over the side with full counterweight installed. The obvious thing happened – the crane tipped rearwards with the counterweight digging a substantial hole in the turf! 

The crane’s outriggers were short rigged

Fortunately no one was injured and the next game is not expected to take place at the stadium until the middle of September – so some time is available to try and repair the sacred home pitch of the local team Real Sociedad. 

The fully elevated and retracted boom plus counterweight proved too much for the short rigged outrigger base

The new stand is part of a redevelopment to extend its seating capacity from 32,000 to around 42,300. The project is due for completion later this year.

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