Taken Delivery Of A Demag AC 100-4L

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Swiss rental company Interkran has taken delivery of a 100 tonne Demag AC 100-4L All Terrain crane.

The four axle AC 100-4L has a 59.4 metre main boom, plus a 10 to 19 metre bi-fold swingaway extension for a maximum tip height of 81.7 metres. The company will use the new crane for tower crane erection, and general taxi crane work.

General manager Tony Teixeira said: “The reason we decided on this crane was its extremely compact design – especially its overall width of only 2.55 metres. Together with its 77 metres of boom and extensions, which is enormous for this class, and makes the crane simply unbeatable as far as we are concerned. Thanks to the AC 100-4L’s high lifting capacities and new IC-1 Plus control system, we will even be able to forego the use of a second crane for certain lifts.”

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Interkran, Demag AC 100-4L

(L-R) Sandro Guiomar, Reis Joaquim and Tony Teixeira of Interkran, and Christian Kassner of Demag/Terex

Based in Lachen in north Switzerland, Interkran runs a fleet of All Terrain cranes ranging from 70 to 300 tonnes, as well as tower cranes.

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